HN 483B

Area:905 in2
Weight:78 oz

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See the documentation for the ARIS.

2007 UPDATE: The ARIS was introduced to the world in late 2004. Since that time this model has set the benchmark in quality. The contest record is superb. I can honestly say that in all conditions the ARIS is set to strike! The model never looks bad. In the USA its the preferred tool for Man on Man racing and in F3F the results speak for themselves. Its durable, fast, quick, transports easily and is the one your usually behind in the standings. Ready to move up to a winner yet?


Here we go again! F3X seeking out the best models from the best builders! My friends say "Are you nuts! Who buys this stuff?" Well I started this company so the USA could get exclusive top level competition models that were not imported because traditional vendors couldn't make money on them and the builders are more artist types than businessmen and hard to deal with. They are right. No businessman would put so much effort in designing and producing a model like this! It takes a passion that money can't buy. It pays better to make foamys. Believe me!! Well my large fortune is slowly turning into a small one but at F3X we still have the cool factor! Its models like the ARIS that makes this fun for me. The 2-piece V tail and wing control surfaces are built using "waveform technology" What the heck is that? This is a coreless structure with a corrugated inner structure all CO-molded and CO-cured. (Look carefully at the root of the all carbon V tail on the photo page.) Click here. It provides extremely stiff and light structures. Stiff and light? Sounds great for an aileron or flap doesn't it! The main wing is carbon/core/glass and the fuse construction also has a surprise. It's all molded around a series of horizontal and vertical keels!

Needless to say this is another F3X product that will be in high demand and in short supply, I figure if I have a lot of top level models all in short supply at any one time I should have something in stock. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

The model has been in development for 2 years. It's finally ready for "production". Flight tests by F3F Euro Tour champions give it the seal of approval and top pilots all over the word are on the list. If it's good enough for them I hope its good enough for you too! <btw. Check out the pilots form for the USA VRQ 2006! About 60% of the pilots entered the ARIS! What does that tell you!>

This is the ship I finished 1 week before the Viking Race 2004 and before I test flew it at Pt Fermin I said if it doesn't fly perfect right off the board than it stays home. Well it did fly great! So great in fact I entered it as my primary model at the Viking Race in Germany, I did suffer a little because of the short time I had on the model (30 minutes in the USA and the next flight was a few organized practice rounds 1 day before the race started) plus flying a brand new TX (Graupner MX 22) but after a few rounds the ARIS really started to run and my confidence grew round by round.

The ARIS is simply "the next level" in F3F models it is as fast as my trusted Acacia but handles like my F3F NYX. This combo is difficult to beat. It is a top class model in construction quality and demands a good price but you won't be sorry or at an equipment disadvantage to anyone. Now its truly up to you! (Is that a good thing?)


PS How tough is it? Well good friend and UK pilot John McCurdy had a few radio problems and stuck his straight in at full speed in Wales then splashed in the North Sea in Germany (you have seen the recovery photos) on practice day at full tilt. Found the firm part of the slope at lap 7 and a rotor spiked it nose first in the LZ and we watched it bounce back 2ft! It's STILL alive! This baby might just give the Acacia (ScOOp tested) a run for the money for slope toughness! Your mileage may vary.

Update: The ARIS now has a Pedigree! Each ARIS is serial numbered and recorded so your spare parts will be perfect!

*Special servo prices with purchase of ARIS only please.

**Prices subject to the Euro>USD at time of delivery

Special battery for the ARIS. The ARIS has a keel system and this set up allows battery installation without soldering or cutting the keel. You can service this at the slope.

  • 2 2500 mah NiMH Sanyo AA 2.4v cell packs
  • 1 Modified JR switch
  • 2 Zip ties
  • 1 Grommet
Shown partly installed. (I need to add the Grommet.) One battery pack on each side of the keel. Zip tied together and the special switch harness completes the connection to 4.8v. Just plug-&-Play.