RDS, Spread Tow wings, 2.4 fuse, dissser stabs Dominating contest proven performance!!



AH158 series


How To Build One!

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The Freestyler 3 is CNC molded from the shop of Andreas & Martin Herrig!

I told you! The freestyler is the real deal, winning just about everything out of the gate, The FS3 has won more races in EU than any other design since its introduction and also won its first USA F3F debut at Pt. Ferman in 2008 flown by Tim Bigley. She has won about every F3F race entered. Big words but look at the results over the last year or two! Now also a top contender in F3B, again look at the F3B Eurotour results and see for yourself. Won the last 2 F3B WC the list goes on and on and on I ain't lying!

Guys this is the first time a "Team Model" is available to you. This is under 70oz RTF. Full F3B strength wings. Its the real deal!

If you heard about the Schocker and the Radical you already know about the Freestyler family of models. Top of the line period! Pure competition machines. 949-645-7032 call to reserve yours now.

Some details: The Fuse is all carbon and specially designed for easy radio install and stiffness, only room for the servos and gear and they easily drop in place!. Surprisingly there is even room for a fuse ballast tube if the 1.4KG of Brass is not enough. The wing is 2-piece as is the v-tail for transport.

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Supplied Brass ballast in joiner and wing root. 1.4KGFS3 nose cone inside a ARIS cone.
Servo install in FS32-piece v tail connection and linkage cover.
Clean 2-piece vAdjustable F3B tow hook.
Standard color schemeSupplied Brass ballast set.