Weight:24 oz


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UPDATE: Pavel the ENERGY mfg will not be able to produce these models until summer 2006. So sorry for the false start but we want these bad and will continue to try and work something out. When I get new news I will update the site so for now get all your ENERGY updates here on this page. Fot US wanting a good x tail 60" I am having the Acacia mfg build us one and he will be ready for delivery iin April. Look here.



WooHoo! Finally a F3X worthy 60" Cross Tail sloper! Your search has ended!!

The "Energy" is all hollow molded and features a bolt on hinged elevator and fin.(Kind of like the Wizard X tail) Easy transport and the responsiveness of the separate elevator!

The Energy has a ballast tube installed under the wing (Nemesis style) And a unique radio tray under the nose cone.

The std glass Energy weight is 24oz but I know how hard you guys push your slopers so the F3X versions will be stiffer and stronger and weigh closer to 30oz for glass and the DS version will be 40oz. This means that DS carbon versions will excel on the back side and in more extreme slope conditions without ballast. The area is large at 362in2 to get a optimum wing loading of 16oz ft2 you will need to be 40oz RTF weight.

Colors are yellow/red & White/blue.

Prices are similar to Nemesis