Fun all molded slope/electric/Zip start model.

30.00 span

15oz RTF.

I am building mine today so look for a flight report soon. Price: List $159.00........F3X $

Note: Club buy Special 10 Mini Falcons (bulk packaged) for $1000.00 + shipping!

***UPDATE*** OK I have the first flight report: This little guy kicks butt! It is a scream to fly, I set a bunch of aileron throw and used expo (I usually never use expo) to tame the stick centers, I test flew it at White Point because Fermin was having a food fair or ??? that day. As expected the Mini Falcon is not a beginners model but with the proper set up it ROCKS. The roll rate is insane and it corners well with snap flap. You will need a computer radio to get the most out of the model (I used a JR6102 and programmed in expo, snap flap, camber & spoilerons w/elevator comp using 3 servos) Any computer radio should work if you have flaperon mix and dual rates. See a video here!

Set Up info: CG= 1.25 from LE at the root. Ailerons up 0.2 down 0.1 Elevator up 0.12 down 0.13 see here for v tail assembly.

Colors available:

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Click here for v tail assembly!