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The STOBEL a new competition DLG from Germany!

F3X is the EXCLUSIVE dealer for LE Composites in North America. The first model we will offer is the High Tech STOBEL DLG.

A model with the use of the latest use of Carbon material, notice the extra wide weave on the leading edge and canopy, this material is basically each single carbon strand laid out one next to the other and not in a tow or rope . This gives you the thinnest material with the highest properties and the lightest weight. The carbon LE version is as light as the non carbon wing of some top DLG models. Ultimate Stiffness and light weight.

F3X will stock a Competition version with High Modules carbon boom and "Disser" wing, carbon braided LE close outs and offer a RDS version. These options add to the base cost but when you are shopping for the best model this is what you want! No Compromises!

Option 1: Carbon LE 140g wing Disser wing, carbon braided closeouts on ailerons, HMS tail boom, GRP tail set.

Option 2: Competition Disser wing, carbon braided closeouts on ailerons, HMS tail boom. GRP tail set. (No Carbon LE.)

Special Order will be the all Carbon wing, 150g wing weight.

RADS is a factory installed option using Graupner/JR Digital micro servos. Nothing but the BEST!

Get 'em at F3X.COM!!.


Stobel Competition, Carbon D box, UHM fuse, Disser wing, GRP Tails, Carbon sock closeouts: 910.00 USD

Stobel Competition w/All carbon wing add 125.00

w/RDS option using Graupner Digital servos factory installed. add 225.00 to the above costs.

View of the carbon braided LE reinforcement.