Jaro Muller Models
Elita in X and V tail. This photo is borrowed from good buddy Knewt. The Elita is a serious F3F ship in both versions at the Viking Race 04 they looked good enough for F3X to get some! The Span is 111.1"

The Espada R: The R is the new fuse without the trademark Elita fin below. The Espada R is available as an F3F, F3B and F3J ship depending on the lay up. The Espada v-tail fuse has the Elita's unique shape. The span is 126.4" and uses a version of the HN785 (like on the F3F NYX) airfoil.

You F3J guys need to check out the F3J version, with that airfoil the Espada should out Superior the Superior!

Espada with the Elita style fuse that is available in a V tail as well.

Muller Model are the std that other are judged against in quality. The new Elita is the racer of the group. Muller has models that cover all needs for the RC soaring pilot and also makes electric versions of everything. Muller is known for his quick parts service and by keeping the paint choices to a minimum and the fact that the parts fit is superb the parts are more readily available.