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Drela AG45/46/47



1. The stab needs to be mounted BELOW the boom

2. The rudder horn needs to be opposite of the launch peg.

The photos here are incorrect.


The RAD2 is now available. This all molded sport/competition DLG is RTF under 10oz! The model shown here weighs 9.8oz with 4 JR DS285 servos, a Berg 7, switch & 375mah Nimh. The wing uses the popular AG 45/46/47 blended Drela sections. The stab is all flying. The wings are skin hinged as is the tail. We used the Spectra line for "pull only" control on the spring loaded tail group to save weight in the rear end. The flaperons end in a traileron set up and the roll rate is crisp. The build is easy as all parts are finished. Just epoxy the tail group to the boom, the boom to the pod and install your radio.

4ea DS285 JR digital servos


4ea JR Sport SM22 servo (low cost option)80.00
1 Berg 7 ch RX55.00
1 375 mah special shaped nimh battery17.00
Note: With the 4 DS285, Berg 7 and special battery the RAD2 balance's perfectly. Using the Dymond 4.7 servos you will need nose weight. So why not get the tougher, stronger servos! The installation shown below allows for the RX and battery to be easily removed.