Things you must have!

Have enough charge for another flight?

Get one and put it in your flight bag, check 4 or 5 cell packs with a load and a easy to read LED voltmeter scale. Extra long lead for easy hook up to your switch harness or directly to your RX battery. It's small and rugged.


Ball Link pliars. Does your model have a V- tail? Get them, save yourself a lot of hassle and torn hinges. Ever try and attach that little plastic ball link through a small access hold in the fuse? This makes that job easy and most importantly it saves wear and tear on your hinge.


You HAVE to have a charger with numbers!! Sorry blinking lights tell you nothing. This small charger cycels and charges all your batteries. Its simple reliable and tells you exactly how many mah went in or came out of your flight pack. No guessing!


Even if you don't build you still install servos and the BEST way to hook up linkage in thin wings is by using the Z- bend at the servo. This tool makes Z-bends in 2mm, 2-56 & 4-40 threaded rods easily. Look over any of my builds on the "How To" page and see how its done!


This clear 3/4" wide tape is perfect for pre taping the wing roots of molded models. Its thin and works great for installing the servo covers as well. I don't use it for holding the wings on I use 3M electrical tape in colors for that job but you will use this roll for many, many building jobs in your shop.


Slope Specialties!
These are the BEST glasses for the Slope. They come in yellow and smoke tint. They fit about every face and offer super wind protection. The best $16.00 you will spend.
These are simply the Bomb! Pack in your scale ship or 2 F3X models and extras. They are lightweight but tough and made for weatherproof material and make carring all your gear up the hill a snap.

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