V2 <60" Slope Racer / DS


Weight:32 oz


How do I build one?

See a Flight Video!

18-meg video

6-meg video


V2 is a new sloper in the 60" class. Its all hollow molded from glass/balsa/glass with carbon spars and carbon canopy. Bolt on V- tail and wing.

The V2 will be aggressively priced at only $225.00. The wing is very STIFF and the hinges are what we call a "live hinge" where the hinge is integral to the upper skin and there is a little relief score to allow free moment, just like the Nemesis and lots of other F3X models. The wing is hollow molded Glass/Balsa/Glass w/carbon capped spars, glass fuse carbon canopy, hollow molded removable V tail & painted glass servos covers. This model has a nice roomy fuse for servo install and ballast. It's a rugged sloper in the 60" class. Perfect for the California slopes!

I have a few flights on mine now, yesterday at Pt Fermin I had about 12oz in the ballast tube and had a great time, I have some video of that and will post it soon. The V2 can hold it's own with other 60" ships. I did lots of head to head flying with a ballasted Mini Ellipse and we know those are fast models. The V2 has a good look in the air and the roll rate is as hot as you like it. Big loops and 1/2 pipes all day! lots of fun for little $$. Being the type to just give and give anything for the customers I decided to test the strength of the model with a few less than perfect landings! So far so good. I will post all the throws I used below.

Sailplane set-up sheet. 
ModelAileronFlapV-tail-Rudder-ElevatorCGTow Hook
 UpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchCrowUpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchUpDownLeftRightLandingFrom LEFrom LE
 V2  nanana           2.5na
Limited Time! V2 + Servo deal! Buy 1 V2 and get 2 HS125 wing servos & 1 Expert SL451 elevator servo for only $300.00! This is the same set up used in the build a V2 page. We like it and you will too! Call me and ask for the V2 special when you order!