X21 F3B/F3J - - - - - - - NEW X21 X-tail!!!!!!



MH 32 mod 

Area: in2
Weight:73~77 oz


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Set up

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The X21 is a very high quality molded all a round model. The ship comes in different lay up options for specific F3X tasks. The X 21 is available in :

  1. LT (Light) glass version for TD. 73oz RTF
  2. UHM (Ultra High Modules) Carbon for contest F3B/F3J work 76oz RTF. The UHM Carbon version is lighter and stiffer than the regular carbon version by using more expensive UHM carbon material in the spar and skin. All versions come from the same molds so the lay up is the only difference.

All X21 models have a 2-piece wing, ballast tubes. 1-piece v-tail, adjustable tow hook, rectangular carbon joiner, bottom hinged top driven flaps and ailerons for low drag, nose cone. All control surfaces are hinged and molded wipers are installed.

I am ordering the UHM versions because I think that this version is the best value/performance ratio. This UHM version is light enough for sporty AMA TD and stiff enough for real F3B. The other versions are available as special order. The mfg. is in full production so they will be readily available from now on. 126.00 MH 32. Light weight, stiff, big flaps, quality construction, ballast tubes, adjustable tow hook. Great model for F3B/F3J and sporty AMA TD. btw. It's not a bad F3F model either. I really like these multiple use models. What I mean is competitive multi use models, you don't find many ships that will hold their own in F3J, F3B, F3F and AMA TD at a high competition level. The X 21 UHM will.

I really want to help launch this model in the USA so take a close look at all the photos and give me a call with your questions. It's certainly one gorgeous ship!

Update: After some more time with my X 21 I am further impressed with its high speed and weight carrying ability. Mine is the early 6 tube version and I had 60oz on board at Davenport a week ago. We were running practice laps on the unlimited course. The X21 with a little reflex was keeping pace nicely with other dedicated man on man racers. We also flew a little F3F and in the upwind/downwind conditions the X 21 with the same 60oz on board was on pace to take the 1000's in the final 2 rounds until I cut turn 9 on the last round.


More photos here