Sale! Acacia 2 + 6 Airtronics 94761Z DIGITAL BB coreless servos for $1299.00 Acacia2 F3F



RG15 mod

Area:837 in2
Loading:13.5~20 oz/ft2
Weight:80 ~ 119oz

How to build one?


Big Ballast tube mod for Acacia II

f3f lowera.gif (32258 bytes)F3F II pylon.jpg (51793 bytes)

Acacia 2 wins contests. Look at the results. You can pay a lot more for different F3F models but they won't buy you a win. Look at the history, the quality and the toughness of the Acacia 2. For 975.00 you simply can not buy a better F3F model new. It can't be done!

The Acacia incorporates some unique features in the tooling to set it apart from the rest. The attention to detail is only found in very few models costing much more.

All surfaces are live hinged and gap seals are molded in. The pushrods are installed.  The wing and v tail mountings are finished and the screws are provided. The Acacia is available in a choice of colors and special paint schemes.

The list of F3F races won with this model is Looooong! Fast, agile, tough, efficient. That's the Acacia II.

Look at this years SCSR results 2005, In one race Acacia 2's placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th! A total sweep! Acacia wins SCSR 2 day Man on Man!, Acacia wins 3x and finishes 2nd 2x in 2005 SCSR F3F and the year is not even over! Acacia2 wins the International Slope Race in 2004! LOOK! Acacia2 wins SCSR season championship in 2005!! WooHoo- the Acacia2 won more races than any other design in 2005 SCSR F3F!

The Acacia II DS is now available. With a wish list from some serious USA DS pilots the Acacia II DS is born. Narrowed control surfaces to raise the flutter speed, stiffer fuse and v-tail and carbon skins make the Acacia II DS a force to be reckoned with on the "Dark Side

Modified Acacia 2's are BIG winners in the Man on Man unlimited scene. If you want a big air sloper add the large ballast tube and tear it up!