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Weight:68oz RTF

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The Alliaj is here now. This model is really something new. Alexis of Aeromod is a unique builder. This latest model in the line up has many unique features. Look at the fuse x section, the wing mounting and what you can't see is the lay up's. The Alliaj is super stiff and really lightweight, the wing mount has the best of both the 2-piece and 3-piece deigns. The wing basically a 2-piece with joiner system like you have seen before and there is a short center section that is bolted on with nylon screws that stays with the fuse efectivaly creating the 2-piece design. The wings slide on as any 2-piece wing model but the 6mm nylon wing screws will act like a fuse in a crash and possibly save the wing, no more torn joiner boxes! The fuse is shaped in a way that the wing can exit the fuse with no damage. Add new screws and go fly!

The fuse is all carbon and VERY stiff, I have many excellent designs at F3X and I can say this is the stiffest F3F fuse in inventory especially for the lack of weight. The wings are foam core, female molded "Aeromod style" with multiple layers of UNI carbon. The roots are strong and the tips are light. They way is needs to be.

The Alliaj has already proven itself in competition by taking some wins in the F3F league in France. This models ROCKS! I have flown man on man against it in France and it is as quick as any top level F3F machine out there with the extra durability that no one can match. You know Aeromod. You know they are tough and you know they perform!

The Alliaj is offered ARF or as complete as any high end F3F ship, no hinging or building. The model requires you to install the radio and make your servo tray from the supplied material. The control surfaces are hinged & gap sealed. The model has a 2-piece v-tail for transportability. 2-piece wing. Nose cone and ballast tube.