Area:852 in2
Weight:78 oz

3-piece wing

2-piece v-tail

Ballast tube

Carbon skin and fuse

Carbon molded foam core technology.


Arkanj: Customers asked for a big Miraj and this is what happened! The Arkanj is everything the Miraj is and more! It is a step up in performance and truly mates high dollar molded performance with proven Aeromod toughness and agility. The Arkanj won't disappoint in the air! It turns as hard as the very best all hollow molded models. The straight line speed is very impressive ( I think one will find it's way as my ISR '05 model w/a extra large ballast tube!) It's one of those models that just looks fast all the time.

I ordered the kit version to keep cost down, unfortunately models from France cost more than models from Czech so by ordering kit versions you can save a few $$ and get the flight performance and extreme durability these family of models are known for. They fly fast, turn hard, are VERY acrobatic and repair easily. Yes, there is a difference in exterior quality from a Tragi or NYX to a Aeromod kit but there is nothing else available with world class performance & 9 lives.

If you play hard the Aeromod models are for you.

What's is left to do on the kit version: Spooge the LE of all control surfaces w/epoxy micro balloons, Hinge the ailerons, flaps and elevators with silicone, Epoxy the inner nose to the main fuse, install control horns, radio and FLY.