Miraj sets new WR in F3F.Miraj F3F




Area:651 in2

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The Miraj F3F is proving to be a very competitive model in F3F racing. It is one of the best of the non hollow molded race planes available. The Miraj is similar to the Aldi J in construction but is delivered with most of the assembly finished for you. Your job is to install the radio. Like all models from Pyrenees the Miraj is very tough and has excellent flying qualities. Takes about 12 hours to assemble.

The Miraj uses a new proprietary airfoil the MG06. With the 3 piece 14.5:1 aspect ratio carbon skinned wing and with the 2 piece removable v-tail the Miraj will pack well for travel.

This thing kicks as#! It is as fast as the more expensive models. It turns better than most Very quick and maintains energy well. Solid positive response on all axis.  Landings are a breeze. The Miraj will be very popular on US slopes! If you like big time speed order yours now!!!

I sell a bunch of these models all over the country. I don't know anyone who doesn't like the toughness, handling or speed of the Miraj. Tom.