Area:310 in2
Loading:9~20 oz/ft2
Weight:22 ~45oz


Build a Prodij in less than 7 hours! Click here to see how!

The Prodij is like a baby Miraj with a 1 or 2-piece, 11.6:1 AR carbon wing and F/G fuse. The v-tail is balsa/glass/balsa sandwich. 3 or 4 mini servos located on a removable tray in the fuse drive the control surfaces. The wing is one piece carbon & glass and the flaperons are pre cut. The stab is pre-hinged using the inner ply of glass and complete model assembly is about < 9 hours.

The Prodij is proving to be a great light air slope ship by using the full span cambering trailing edge. Average weight is 24oz and with a bit of camber the Prodij will float whit the floaters then remove the camber and run with the fast guys! I get emails all the time praising the toughness of the Prodij (and all Aeromod models) it's the best model for your entry from foamys into high performance composite ships.

It's one of the best if not "The Best" turning 60" model at the slopes! Races are won in the turns!

 Watch out for this guy in the 60" Man on Man races. The Prodij has large control surfaces for EXTREME AEROBATICS. Like all models from AEROMOD the Prodij is fast and tough