Voltij.  Slope Pattern Model



MG05 9%

Span:80 in
Area:558 in2
Loading:14.5 oz/ft2
Weight:58 oz


Reviews: by Pierre Rondel (French)

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A pattern ship for the Slope? Yes, why not! Rolling Circles, Knife Edge flight, 4, 8 or 16 Point rolls, All day inverted. It's all there with the Voltij. 

This model is really a kick. Hone your skills with a model especially designed for Slope Aerobatics. 

Large side area for knife edge flight. Full symmetrical airfoil for perfect inverted flight. All flying elevator. Molded sub rudder for powerful yaw authority. Full span flaperons for quick roll and camber changing.

The airfoil was designed for aerobatics and good soaring performance with a bit of camber. Positive and Negative. Ether upright or inverted you can still soar with the other models in medium conditions.

The Voltij comes with all parts pre painted during the proprietary molding process that assures strength and accuracy. F/G skins over solid foam core for the wing and stab. Molded F/G construction for the fuse and rudder. 

Like all AEROMOD models, the Voltij gives you the best performance per dollar available.