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Span: 121
Area: 951
Weight: 2100g

They are at it again, the 2nd hot new F3B model from Breta this year. The slightly larger Precious made a excellent F3B debut at the 2008 F3B World Champs placing 3rd with more in the top 10. This is the TANGA a no compromise F3B machine for the serious contest pilot. The TANGA is a clean sheet design and aimed at the Freestyler. Many top pilots already have one or are in the queue. F3X.COM is getting fully behind the TANGA and we will offer the no compromise F3B version and a F3F version, the F3F version will be made from typical carbon materials and be stout and heavier for slope abuse. The TANGA F3F is no overweight ship, expect the robust F3F version to fly just under 80oz. The F3B version will tip the scale at 72oz. Plus a new RDS option is available. The RDS has the special pockets molded in at the factory and the linkage is supplied, you install the servos. Call me for more info.

F3F version is here in Stock! The Tanga F3B is already a stout model and not heavy at 73oz the F3F version will build out at 79~80oz RTF. Thicker carbon wing skins and fuse make this version perfect for the Slope God in you!