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SA 7035 

Area:985 in2
Weight:58~71 oz

Detail Photos


The Artemis LT is the standard in high performance AMA Thermal duration competition. The special wing and fuse lay-up is designed for strength and stiffness for real world use. The Artemis models have a small amount of dihedral in the center panel and very slight turned up tips to help in thermal turning. One ballast tube is standard in the fuse. The flaps are of course bottom hinged and have generous area for slow landings.  The Artemis has the most brilliant finish on the wings and v tail.

All surfaces are live hinged and gap seals are molded in. The pushrods are installed.  The wing and v tail mountings are finished and the screws and wrenches are provided. In the F3X versions all Artemis models are ordered with the servo harness and ballast kit. These are options from other vendors but come standard with F3X models.

Artemis 1-piece Kevlar/carbon fuse. 8oz weight.  This fuse and a STD wing make up the Artemis LT version. 64oz (V tail version) 68oz (X tail version) RTF! Great tool for AMA TD.


Artemis LT: RTF 63~65 oz. Kevlar/Carbon 1 piece fuse, STD wing.

Artemis XLT: RTF 58 oz. Special Kevlar/Carbon fuse w/carbon canopy. Extra light wing lay-up. Kit weight is only 40 oz!!  Special Limited Edition.

Artemis LT + tail.: 68 oz Full flying stab makes the Artemis + a landing machine! What's your excuse now?

You don't need any more sailplane to win any AMA TD contest. This is the tool.