NYX F3F------ New F3F WR Holder 27.91!

NYX F3F New USA F3F record holder 30.83!



HN785TC pro. 

Area: 852 in2
Loading:13.5 oz/ft2
Weight:82 oz


Assembly Photos

What can we say about the F3F NYX that hasn't been covered? It is one of those models that performs well in all conditions, it is exceptionally smooth in the rough air. The models toughness is legendary, the build quality is top class. It's not overweight by any means, the model has the best ballast system ever! The F3F models are all carbon wings and fuse, glass tails, the rudder and all surfaces are hinged and wipered, the x tail bell crank is installed, NO work other than servo install needed.

The F3F NYX has held the world F3F speed record, the USA F3F record and too many race wins to count.

Sailplane set-up sheet. 
ModelAileronFlapV-tail-Rudder-ElevatorCGTow Hook
 UpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchCrowUpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchUpDownLeftRightLandingFrom LEFrom LE
NYX F3F-251010-1100-107510-115-101035355110mm108mm
PartsWing ea. sideFuse+canopyStabsWing rodBallast Kit