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HN 1038

Wing Area:356 in2
Wing Loading:11.5oz/ft2
Weight:29 oz

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The Nemesis is the slopers favorite model. Now with flaps the Nemesis in stock trim has gone over 170 mph in DS and has proven itself on the front side time and time again. I still think is the only 60" model to go sub 40.00 in F3F competition. She comes from the same people that build the Hera, Hades, Artemis and NYX. The quality is excellent! The Nemesis uses hollow molded construction from CNC molds. The model is completely finished out of the box. All you need to do is install the radio gear. The ballast tube is factory installed and the access is from under the wing. All surfaces are live hinged and wipers installed. The pushrods are installed with ball link ends connecting to the removable one piece v-tail. 

The Nemesis does make a great 60" Slope racer. It is very stiff and able to carry over 1.3 lbs in the ballast tube. It's multi taper wing with elliptical tip provides excellent roll response. The stiff tail boom is built to handle very high speeds.

There are a few very nice slope models to choose from in the 60" class. Take a good look at the Nemesis. you will be impressed!


Now available: Nemesis DS carbon versions. Extra stiff carbon skins and spar. Will she go 200+ in DS?