Bandit 1

Span:48.00 in
Area:336 in2
Surface loading:6.8 oz/ft2
Weight:16 oz

Detail Photos



The Bandit is something a little different on the slope. I was looking for a sloper that could fly more like a composite plane and share the lift with the EPP wings.  The Bandit is it! Not only will the Bandit fly faster and turn better than most combat wings it also flies in lighter lift! Add a little ballast and the Bandit comes alive. We flew one in 60 mph winds with a little over 1 lb. of  lead! I recommend that you make provisions for up to 8 oz of ballast.

The Bandit IS the one to beat in the SR2K man on man slope racing 48" foam class in So. California this year. Look for us there!

The Bandit is all EPP foam. Basswood spars, colored tape, tapered balsa elevons and a corplast tail completes the kit. Bandits are available in single or a 2-pack. Email me for details. 

The Bandits simple construction has you in the air a lot faster than the other planks out there. If you want to DS the Bandit then ask for the Carbon spar option.

SP 400 E-Bandit. The plans show the conversion for a SP 400 motor in the nose. The E Bandit is FASTER than those annoying pusher wings and whisper quiet.

"I put together an ARF BANDIT Saturday night.  Trimmed it Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon I went to the slope race and raced it in a the 48" foamy class.  The only 48" foamy that was faster than mine was another BANDIT with Tom's more experienced thumbs. I made a fair number of mistakes and stayed ahead of all the combat wings."