The BOSS  



Boss 1

Span:60.00 in
Area:45x in2
Surface loading: oz/ft2
Weight:29 oz

Detail Photos



Coming Soon: The BOSS!.

60" EPP DS-Slope-Man on Man Racer.

CNC Cut wing cores.

Full custom carbon spar.

Update:The Boss is progressing, the new special 1/2" carbon spars are here. The special joiners are in. The fuse is finalized, I have one more airfoil to try and then I will commit to production. SO far the tests are very successful and I want to see if I can squeak a little more performance out of the design still.

The Boss will easily be the strongest and easiest to build 60"plank wing available. A lot of effort went into the structure for simplicity and extreme performance.

Stay tuned for a kit release.