Prodij detail and Assy.

All parts on the bench. Scroll DOWN for assembly notes.

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If you follow these steps in sequence you can easily build your F3X Prodij in just a few evenings of work. Follow along with the photos. I took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours working time per night to complete these steps. If you built in this sequence then you are only held back by the curing time.

Day 1.

  • Sand the v tail and glass the joint.
  • Mount the blind nuts to the wood mount and epoxy into the fuse.
  • Drill the wing for 2 8-32 screws.
  • Cut out the aft v tail mount on the fuse.
  • Cycle your RX battery.

Day 2.

  • Dig out the foam in the L.E. of the aileron and T.E. Of the wing.
  • Epoxy and micro balloon the aileron L.E.
  • Bolt the wing to the fuse
  • Rig the v-tail to the fuse and CA in place.
  • Glass the v-tail to the fuse.
  • Cycle your RX battery.

Day 3.

  • Mount the servos to the tray and drill the fuse for the 2ea. 4-40 screws.
  • Make the pushrods for the ailerons and v tail.
  • Silicone hinge the ailerons to the wing. Let the silicone cure for 24 hours before working the hinge, Longer is better.
  • Attach the v-tail horns to the elevators.
  • Paint or cover the v tail.

Day 4.

  • Hook up the control rods for the wing and v-tail.
  • Balance the model.
  • Make a wing template from the core beds.
  • Set throws per plans.
  • Cycle your RX battery.
  • Ready to fly!


First Flight.

  • Your battery is charged. (If it's new then you did cycle it 3 x right!)
  • Your frequency is clear.
  • Surfaces set to plans.
  • Check CG, set per plans.
  • Ground check with antenna down is A-OK!
  • Wind is blowing UP the slope. Someone else has checked the lift.
  • Have FUN!
  • For trimming tips go to my How To section and read "Stop that Flickin"