Seiko's in stock. Guys they are now made in China and that's all you can get, But at least they only cost 5.00 more than before ( :-). In stock. 105.00, Call me. They do feel and work the same as the old version Seiko's we know.

In Stock: Precious 2.4ghz, Furio 2.4ghz.

In Stock: Tanga 2.4ghz and Freestyler 3.

Also just a few X21. Great first F3B ship!

2.4ghz means the noses are glass and clear of carbon for 2.4ghz installs. No issue for 72mhz! Same model just a glass nose.


Tragi 801X

Ultimate Quality, lightweight, stiff, strong & here NOW!



Sailplane backpacks!


1500mAH TX Battery packs w/9303 connector for JR 9303 TX. $35.00 shipped in US48! Call me!

We used to sell the 2500/2600/2700 but they are a bit finikey, these 1500 will charge easily and last all day.

949.645.7032 call me!

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Welcome to F3X your "Pro Shop" for high performance R/C models. I supply the the tools and accessories for the competition soaring pilot and the soon to be competition pilot with a lot of other fun models to keep you busy! Too many choices? At F3X its easy, on the sailplane side I only carry models that work. I don't sell a model just because its available, I sell it because it works and something sets it apart from the rest. I have built and flown every sailplane on my site and all reports are from a single source so when you read my description you know what you are getting. You know that each comparison came form the same source, no cut and past from one page to the next. Just the facts. I stock servos, parts and accessories for all models listed on these pages. Just call me and let me know your needs.

F3X is your full line dealer for; Airtronics, Horizon, JR, TUDM, Muller, Tragi, Hitec, Breta Models, Acacia Models, Expert Electronics, Hangar 9, Saito, E-Flite & many others.

I have F3F, F3J, F3B, electric park flyers, sport models, glow models, IMAC models and engines for the sport pilot and everything required to get you and keep you in the air.


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F3X building Service.

Things you need

Seiko countdown watches.

Alliaj F3F


New SPEED Slopers

Cool F3X Slope Glasses and Goggles!