Building Services

I offer complete building services to my customers that want to FLY! I do custom installs for extra ballast mods, composite repairs and some modifications. I might not be the cheapest available but rest assured when its F3X built it's contest ready! Below are general costs. Call me if you ship isn't listed below for a quote. Repairs are by quote only and I need to see it. You can send photos first so I can look it over and let you know if its worth the effort, you would be surprised what can be fixed.
Model examples.With gear purchased from F3X-Labor onlyYour gear
Speed 1.5, Mini NYX, Mini Acacia. (4 servo models)275.00+15%
Speed 2.0, 2.5, Nemesis, Air-1 (6 servo models)325.00
Acacia 2 & 3 370.00
Voltij-Lux version 375.00
Most F3F, F3B & F3J models 350.00
Electric versionsAdd 50.00 to above costs.
Big Ballast tube. Acacia or Furio, Call for others.100.00
Molded Wiper repair 50.00
Wing tip repair, LE repair100.00
Tail Boom repair 125.00