Set up sheet for F3X sailplanes. 

This page will give you a good starting point.. These measurements are all taken from well trimmed sailplanes. Your personal preference will probably be different but this is a good place to start.

All deflections are measured in degrees so it is easier to check and set up. Print this degree wheel on a file folder or on paper and 3M 77 it onto a shoe box lid or ??. Cut it out with a x-acto knife. You can bend it 90deg at the dotted lines to increase stiffness.

Center all control surfaces. Tape a short piece of solder to the control surface if necessary to act as a pointer.  Place the arrow point on the degree wheel at the hinge line and bend the solder to read zero. Set each control surface to the recommended deflection. There are commercially made gauges available like this but this one is easy enough to do or buy a cheap protractor at the grocery store and modify it.


Sailplane set-up sheet. 
ModelAileronFlapV-tail-Rudder-ElevatorCGTow Hook
 UpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchCrowUpDownMax CamberReflexLaunchUpDownLeftRightLandingFrom LEFrom LE
Acacia II F3F-25115-25-15-6


Acacia Mini-2510 -2 -150000 -12121111+473mm60mm
Aldi J-25105-210-2006510-215-151211115  
Artemis V -25105-2100-108510-215-161618188100mm98mm
Artemis +-25105-2100-108510-215-101035355103mm100mm
Nemesis-25135-2 -15-86510-2 -15151313576mmn/a
Tragi 701-25105-210-5-108510-215-15151313898mm95mm
Tragi 702-25125-210-5-108510-215-15151313898mm95mm

You have noticed that many of the settings are the same. Believe it or not once you have a good 6 servo setup you can use it on many different models. The final tweaking is always up to you.