New Viking F3F/F3B



AH 69mod 

Area:966 in2
Loading:12.0 oz/ft2
Weight:81 oz


See Knewt's review.

Want more photos!! Click here. (Photos used by permission)

The Viking is the latest release from VV models. The VV models are precisely manufactured and solid performers.

This VV model uses a modified Hering airfoil and as far as I know it's the only commercially available model with it.

  • F3F or F3B lay-ups.
  • Kevlar/carbon fuse.
  • 2-piece wings.
  • 1-piece v tail.
  • Fuse ballast tubes
  • Choice of colors.
  • Call if you need more!

Are you ready to get serious yet? Our good buddy Kevin Newton still sleeps with his! (Sorry Kev!) Wonderful model, this ship along with the ARIS raises the bar in performance. There are so many good ships to choose from. Add this to the top of the list, place your order now and wait for 10 months because that is the lead time on this high demand model!


Price subject to exchange rate. 1200 Euros.