Tragi Models

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Tragi 703 MH32 Tragi 704 RG15 Tragi 705 MH32
In 2003 the new Tragi line up is shown above. These new models now have the ballast in the fuse, bottom hinged flaps and X tails! Your wings from the 701 & 702 will fit these new fuses. A completly new model the 705. 705X is targeted for F3J with a span of 3300mm (130.0 in) and light weight. Tragi quality is #1.
Standard colors are; white - yellow - blue - red.

Please call or email to discuss your model needs.

Spare parts for your Tragi 603, 700, 701, 702 are available.

All my Tragi models are supplied with ballast and wire harness from F3X.

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705X pics


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